We offer a wide range of software tools created by or for the USGS and used to display, create, and interpret data from a variety of sources. Choose a topic of interest below:

Salton Sea sunset

Biology and Ecosystems

狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Learn more about animal population analysis, and access, explore, and download U.S. species occurrence data.

Image: Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed

Land Resources

狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Discover the changing planet using tools that provides users the ability to query, search, and order aerial photographs, cartographic products, and satellite images from several sources, and more.

Shale Gas Drilling Rig


Access software that helps scientists conduct research and assessments on the location, quantity, and quality of mineral and energy resources, including the economic and environmental effects of resource extraction and use.

3D Lidar Point Cloud of the United States Capitol Building

Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Data

Learn more about software for mapping, remote sensing, which is the detection and analysis of the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance from a targeted area, and geospatial data, which is information such as measurements, counts, and computations as a function of geographical location, and more.

rare earth oxides


狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Explore software that deals with mineral potential, production, consumption, and environmental effects.

waveform stack

Natural Hazards

狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Every year in the United States, natural hazard events threaten lives and livelihoods, resulting in deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Access the scientific data collected from monitoring, assessing, and conducting targeted research on a wide range of natural hazards.

Discharge measurement at Moyer Creek stream gauging station


狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Explore software used for all water resources applications, including general use, water quality and chemistry, groundwater, statistics and graphics, and surface water.